Discover delicious, edible plants, fungi, seaweed and shellfish in Skye’s beautiful woodland, along its shoreline and across the hills. There’s plenty to forage all year-round, if you know what to look for of course. Skye Ghillie will share his knowledge and his passion for this free wild food source.

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Key Features

  • Forage for edible plants, fungi, seaweed and shellfish
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Breath-taking locations
  • Safely learn about wild food
  • Get off the beaten track
  • Taste delicious wild food
  • Learn fire lighting techniques


£280 per session up to two persons.
£50 for every additional person (3-10).

Children under age 15 and under £20.00 children under 5 go free (only when accompanied by parent or guardian).

Larger groups by arrangement – contact us.

Mitch will demonstrate what can be unearthed, sharing his local knowledge and ‘craic’. The crop depends on the season but with  every step there are mouth-watering morsels to be uncovered; edible mushrooms, wild garlic and sorrel in the forest, and along the shoreline, delicious seaweeds, mussels, samphire and the unappetising sounding, but totally scrumptious, scurvy grass.

Against a backdrop guaranteed to be breath-taking, adults and kids will have a delightful experience sustained by freshly picked nibbles and refreshing brews, like Bog Myrtle Tea, made on an open fire, collecting wild snacks along the route.

Taking you back in time, learn about a lost way of life where our ancestors ate a seasonal diet and rediscover the lost skills of foraging and fire lighting.

Need to Know

  • 1000am rendezvous locations will vary 
  • Guests can follow Skye Ghillie in their own vehicle or Land Rover transport is available up to x 6 persons from meeting point
  • Water (from fresh streams) and tea / coffee provided
  • Bring your own lunch and snacks if you wish
  • Guests should dress for all four seasons in one day, layers, good waterproofs and sturdy lace-up walking boots
  • Skye Ghillie has public liability insurance but guests are advised to ensure they have adequate insurance
  • 1300/1400 Clients returned to meeting point - timings TBC 
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Foraged Fungus